Simon’s Sub Counter

The SLP Fund

     My sincere THANKS to the numerous individuals who have supported the Simon Lake Project over the years with the purchase of  various memorabilia items for sale at the Ship’s Store .

     A special THANK YOU to the few individuals who have made significant donations in order that I may continue to - organize and preserve the Simon Lake Historical Collection and “promote the good name and works of Simon Lake.”

     Even though Simon Lake was once a millionaire, he died penniless. However, the descendants inherited a  massive 50 year old collection of poorly stored historical materials rich in Simon Lake and submarine history that require extensive cleaning, restoration, organization and preservation. Sales and donations provide the funds needed for archival materials and to buy the time necessary for the preservation and organizational process in order that the wealth of contained information be extracted. Funds are also used to develop the Simon Lake Library & Museum which would eventually be open to interested parties for viewing and research. Numerous publication possibilities exist for print and electronic publications. The SLP Fund provides the means to maintain and develop the Simon Lake Submarine Web Site. There have been exciting historical projects proposed such as the construction of full-sized, functional submarines as the Argonaut Junior and the Argonaut, the world’s first practical even-keel submarine. The latter projects would require serious donations and development. A few good Angels on the shoulder of the Simon Lake Project would be greatly welcome and appreciated.

     I have decided to add this page to allow and encourage  individuals and groups to make donations to this unique and worthwhile historical project. All donations are recorded and made a permanent part of the Simon Lake Archives.                      Jeff Lake, Project Director

Seven levels of donation are available from $10 to $1000
 and are named after the seven distinct submarines built by Simon Lake.

The Argonaut Junior Donation = $10

The Argonaut I Donation = $25

The Argonaut II Donation = $50

The Protector Donation = $100

The Defender Donation = $250

The Nautilus Donation = $500

The Explorer Donation = $1000

~ To Promote The Good Name and Works Of Simon Lake ~

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