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AS33 Memorabilia

USS SIMON LAKE AS33  Memorabilia

The USS SIMON LAKE is a submarine tender ship that was commissioned in 1964 to service our nuclear submarine fleet and was de-activated on June 25th, 1999 in Norfolk, VA. The USS SIMON LAKE Memorabilia is limited stock that was purchased from the Navy at the conclusion of the De-Activation Ceremonies.  Items are genuine U.S. Navy !


 AS33 COIN  $20.00 .   
This item is a professionally minted coin through the US Navy in honor of Simon Lake, Submarine Inventor; for the namesake of the ship, USS SIMON LAKE . This very attractive coin weighs nearly an ounce, measuring 1-1/2" in diameter and comes factory sealed in plastic.

DeCOMM HAT, New!   $49.00. This is a genuine Navy hat produced for the decommissioning crew that brought the USS SIMON LAKE back from Italy  to the United States for Deactivation, June 25th, 1999

Back of the hat is decorated with embroidered flags of each country  where the USS SIMON LAKE had been stationed.

The blue and gray crest is imprinted , "DECOM CREW". And the red banner reads, "35 YEARS OF COMMIMENT"    THESE ARE THE LAST NAVY CAPS MADE FOR THE USS SIMON LAKE CREW.


 OUT !

Pair Of Shoulder Patches: $15.00 per pair. These embroidered shoulder patches measure 5/8” x 5”. 

AS33 Lapel PINS (Tie Tac): $20.00 each pair. The pins featured in the picture are all gold plated with red, white and blue enamel inlay, and measure 3/4" in diameter. It can be used as lapel pin or tie tac. Nice!Comes with 2 pins in a cotton-filled gift box. 

AS33 PHOTOGRAPH:   $15.00 - 8” x 10” color phoograph of the USS SIMON LAKE displaying the warm glow of either an early morning or late day time of photo.

POSTCARDS (10/pack): $7.50 These are original US Navy, professionally printed postcards in standard size—3-1/2” x 5-1/2” and come in a sealed package of ten.


1911 Double Diamond Walnut Gun Grips set with original AS33 Gold Medallions

Only $49.00 , shipping included to the mainland 48 US States only!

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ADDITIONL ORDERING OPTION:   Simply send check, cash or money order for the total amount of your selected items by snail mail to - Jeff Lake, POB # 19,  Grant,  Florida  32949.

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