Simonís Sub Counter


 1.  I sadly make the following announcement:

   For the last few years I have not been able to properly host my web site as desired due to cardiac health problems, which included surgery in 2004; and due to the 2004 hurricanes which caused serious damage to my home, the museum and nearly destroyed the Simon Lake Collection, which has now been placed back in storage. I presently have little time and access to the collection and my project, thus rendering the Simon Lake Project on hold.  I regret, I shall not be able to respond to requests of interest until my home, museum, collection and personal health are restored.        I shall try to maintain the shipsís store pages for those interested

   Thank you for your patronage and interest in Simon Lake, the real Father of the Modern Submarine

                  Jeff Lake



   I will be unavailable to ship orders from Nov. 6 thru sometime in Dec., possible not until Jan. 10, 2016.

   I will announce when back & OK to ship. Otherwises, any orders will be held up till then.

  Thanks , Jeff Lake

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